AMPLIFY by atmos: Meet Chinedu Onome

We recently launched Amplify - a year-round initiative to honor and partner with local creatives and businesses in the community. We are working with Black artists, within the atmos family, to utilize our platform to amplify their voices in an industry where they are often underrepresented. To kick off the initiative, we are partnering with atmos Washington DC team member Julian, who goes by the stage name Chinedu Onome.

Chinedu Onome is a recording artist and producer from Washington, DC, with Nigerian and German roots. Growing up a son of two immigrants, cross cultural home environment  made for a unique take on how he sees the world. His goal was to express this honestly through his music. He finds power in vulnerability and has no second thoughts about wearing his heart on his sleeve. For Chinedu, music is a way of life and a second language through which he communicates with his listeners.

In his own words: “my personal goal with my music is to make others not feel alone. I want people to hear my music and feel like they’re part of a community. There have been times in my life at which I felt like an outcast. In those times, there was music that I could turn to and feel like others were going through the same things as I. I want to make people feel something, happiness, sadness, anger, or excitement. I want people to get goosebumps when they hear my music. And lastly, I want to put my city on the map in an international way.” 

Peep the video below to learn more about the artist and the inspiration behind his work:

Check out Chinedu Onome's latest EP 'Darkest Hour' in the player below. 

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